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4Th Dimension Technologies!

A highly responsive & super flexible business Partner.

Innovation Imperative

Innovation is the difference. IT is the key

Global economic pressures. New routes to market. 24x7 connectivity. Higher expectations from tech-savvy consumers. Challenges like these are pressuring IT to deliver innovative business services faster than ever before. Because if you don't, your competitors will. Read More →

Efficiency leads to Business ROI

A showcase of game-changing ideas and solutions for enterprises to drive growth, efficiency and differentiation. Read More →

Building Tomorrow's Enterprise

We help clients outperform their competition, see into the future of business and build their tomorrow's enterprise. Read More →

Software that WORKS!

Enterprises realize the critical importance of efficient and effective test automation. Though automation is an efficient and reliable way of testing, it requires significant time and investment to reap the benefits.

Here is a story on how 4Th Dimension Technologies built a meaningful test automation solution, that is simple to use and comprehensive in coverage.

Our Services

Application Management Services

Application Management Services (AMS) moves beyond traditional "break/fix" application services to provide transformational services that help reap the full benefits of investments while lowering operating costs. Read More →

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is not what it used to be. It wasn't long ago that the term IT outsourcing was synonymous with offshoring; a simple tactic for reducing costs by shipping non-core functions overseas. Read More →

Quality Assurance (QA) and testing

Quality Assurance (QA) and testing has key role in the software development lifecycle. While the QA function is crucial to software development process, most often it is neglected. The QA and testing function frequently ends into an extraneous policing function or is absorbed into the engineering team. Either way the QA function deserves better attention and focus. Read More →

Application Innovation

Application Innovation Services delivers robust solutions for industry leadership in today's complex world. Read More →

Who We Are

4th Dimension Technologies was founded in 2001 to help the clients develop the concept of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), one that seamlessly integrates over 200 critical customer-service life-cycle services covering Service Ordering, Provisioning, Billing, and Management. We have experienced professionals with strong domain knowledge and functional expertise, who understand the requirements of business processes.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the symbiotic relationship between design, development and deep industry insight. Genius design, a rigorous development process and smart business modeling are the core ingredients to create successful >>digital product<< . When engaging with clients, we always think >>digital products<< first - and not just a project. Additionally, we also co-venture and create our own products. We believe in the great potential of the digital economy and love to innovate with our clients and partners.

Our Mission

To provide all types of businesses with the highest quality system and network consulting services using information technology. We work with our clients to design, build and implement the type of system they need and deserve. We ensure that our customers are happy with end results.

Our Vision

We are consistently rated high by our clients for the quality of services provided. Our methodology is a proven holistic process which combines the appropriate use of tools, technologies, processes, and systems specifically defined to address industry specific issues and resolutions; stressing on systematic planning, control and reporting. This helps us in keeping up with the required quality levels, time schedules, and customer satisfaction. Better yet, we are everywhere you need to conduct business.

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